Soy Como Coy - Lemanz
No Fun - Delance
Excellent - Lassai ft. Thee David Davis
Mi Vida Reservada - Grupo Cizma
Talk to me - Mevyn
Wav. Thief - T.Clark
Stay With You - Corrie Tizon (a John Legend cover)
Rainy Season - Sap Sounds
Apple Pie - Sap Sounds
B.B. Wolf - Chano aka Sap Sounds
Best Part Of You - Ava Morse
Simply The Best - A Tribute to Tina Turner (Higher)
Fight - Neak
Elevation Everything - Neak
Gotta Make It - Ajani
Russian Cream - CURFXW
Shattered Like Glass - Ava Morse
One Of Those Days - Ava Morse
Nothing Nice - CURFXW Ft. Alexandria Franklin
Only The Lonely - Jerason Dean
Comfortable - Prince T-Dub ft. Josh K
Girls Need Love Remix "Boys Need Love Too" - Josh K Ft. Mike Notez
Nike Town - CURFXW
Christmas With You - Elisa Latrice + LBJ
The Lakefill - I.E. Kokoro (Live session video)
Secret Lovers - The War Room (Official Audio)
I'm A Fool To Want You - Jerason Dean
In Extremis - Rocket Miner
Bryce Vine - Drew Barrymore (Shy Technology cover)(Live session)
Video and sound recorded by Nick Stetina IG: @nick_stetina / Edited by Irving Vazquez IG: @irv22
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