My name is Irving, most call me Irv. Cinematographer and Photographer based out of Chicago, IL. Minimalist at heart and a patient shooter. Some directors that inspire me are Christopher Nolan, Alejandro Inarritu, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, and music video director Hiro Murai. Wether it's Camera operator, cinematographer/DP, director, grip, photographer, and/or editing, you can expect my best. Thankful to do what I love to do and excited to work and create!                                                         
                                                                                                                                              Thanks! - Irv
Reel 2018
I couldn't decide on the track to best help me set the mood of the reel... So here's both.
Irving Vazquez
Chicago, IL
Email: Irv22photography@gmail.com
Ig: @irv22
Thank you!
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